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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Still One of the Most Effective Channels

Email has been one of the most effective marketing methods for years. Using email as part of your marketing systems requires a process approach.


Want Email Engagement Rates That Are 2-10x ABOVE Average? 

We have implemented our email solutions for multiple clients that are seeing tremendous results. While typical industry email open rates average around ~15% and click thru rates (CTRs) average around 1.5% our emails perform in the ~35% open rate range with CTRs of ~11%. 

Here's just one of our client's results for their email nuture.

Our process-oriented approach combines best practices to deliver more engagement, rapport, and sales-ready leads than any other method available. 

Here's How It Works

We assist dealerships in building email solutions that are a process-based solution that includes these key concepts:

  • Engaging value content-centric to achieve opt-ins
  • Focus on the Buyer’s Journey
  • Multiple methods of engagement (phone, forms, email, etc.)
  • Repeated opportunities to engage
  • Automated rapport building emails
  • Sending drip emails (blog content)
  • Segmented audiences
  • Consistent messaging
  • Incentives for action


A complete solution for dealership email marketing focuses on how buyers shop

By constructing quality content that assists buyers and then providing subsequent value-added educational emails, your brand will stand head and shoulders above your competitors. You will be seen as a helpful and reliable dealership that is capable of assisting the buyer for years to come.

There are many benefits to our model including:

  • Search engine and digital marketing value
  • Building lasting rapport
  • Better educated customers
  • Customers prepared for purchase (financing in place)
  • Faster sales process
  • Aligning to how customers want to engage with dealerships (online methods)
  • Hands-free, tune-able, and predictable customer education process
  • Ongoing messaging by leveraging your blog



Let's Start Your Content Marketing Nuture Email and Build A Continual Pipeline of Sales Ready Leads!

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