If you’re ready to take your dealership website design to the next level, it’s time to meet NetSource Media’s SiteSource 5 platform. SiteSource 5 is our latest innovation in backend website tech that’s transforming the way dealerships do websites. We’ve been pioneers in establishing an online presence for outdoor dealerships since the invention of the first RV classifieds website in 1995, and this revolutionary solution is no different. It doubles page load speed, ranks higher in search engine results and makes managing your website easier and more customizable than ever. Read on to find out how SiteSource 5 can revolutionize your dealership website design.

What is SiteSource 5?

First things first: you may be wondering what exactly SiteSource 5 is. In short, SiteSource 5 is a content management system, or CMS, for your website. There are many different generic content management systems out there, but SiteSource 5 is designed specifically for dealerships by NetSource Media. Essentially, it’s the backbone your website is built on and the backend where you manage your website once it’s live. It’s where you’ll add and remove pages, edit copy, create forms and so much more.

The CMS you choose for your dealership website design can make or break how well your website ranks in search results and how easy it is to manage. We’ve used our years of experience in outdoors marketing to design a custom solution that meets the unique needs of dealers and incorporates all the best technology to get your website discovered by potential customers.

Text reads: "What's new?" SiteSource 5 has many new features for your dealership website

What’s new in SiteSource 5

SiteSource 5 is designed for both current NetSource Media clients and brand-new clients alike. If you already have an existing NetSource site, it may have been built on our SiteSource 4 or prior platforms. SiteSource 5 is an entirely new dealership website design platform with more ground-breaking features than ever. Many of our SiteSource 4 and earlier clients are switching to SiteSource 5 to reap the benefits of this cutting-edge technology. Here are some of the revolutionary features available in SiteSource 5.

Pages load nearly twice as fast as before

Page load speed is one of the first things search engines look for when it comes to ranking your site. In fact, SiteSource 5 sites are proven to be 70% faster than competitor sites.

More customization options than ever

Customize your site on your own terms. Drag and drop pages to organize them in your navigation. Choose from over a dozen module types and arrange them how you’d like.

Text: "Faster page load speeds equals better search engine results." Our SiteSource 5 dealership website design can get these results.

Fully customizable form builder

You choose the fields, the layout, and what is and isn’t mandatory in every field on your site. Create multi-step processes or edit default forms with ease, then add them anywhere on your site as a page, pop-up, button or slideout. Add custom auto-reply notifications to improve customer experience.

Not just mobile-responsive: mobile-first

More website visitors are coming from mobile devices than ever before. SiteSource 5 is built on the latest tech that caters to these visitors instead of making them an afterthought. For example, create different slideshow displays for desktop and mobile visitors to control the user experience for both.

Basic layout locking to protect your framework

We prevent website management mishaps that could affect your SEO or result in costly design fees by locking your head, footer, inventory list and unit detail layouts into place after your site launches. Everything else stays totally customizable.

Create actionable marketing pages

Create custom landing pages on the fly for social media or pay-per-click campaigns that hide the header and footer so visitors are more likely to follow the call-to-action on your landing page.

Inventory tagging for marketing

Create specific inventory groups using tags for your marketing purposes. Build an inventory list page that only pulls in those tagged units and allow filtering by tags on search results.

SEO-optimized title tag and description

We’ve placed character limits on your site’s title tag and description (an essential part of search engine optimization) to keep them in-line with the latest SEO best practices.

Text reads: "Set Yourself Apart From Other Dealers" with SiteSource 5

New Icons Module

Display customizable icons on your home page for different inventory types. Include the number of units next to the icon, add sub-menus, or include a dropdown menu of brands for that inventory type. 

New Image Module

Updates to the image module optimize your photos to a next-gen image format that delivers a different image size based on the device, improving page load speeds – and search engine optimization.

New Projects Module

This innovation is perfect for projects-based businesses that want to display a portfolio of past projects. Build out fewer pages and include them all here.

New customizations for News Module 

Write mini blogs to update customers on your latest offerings or sales and improve SEO.

New layout views for Staff Module

Help customers get to know your staff better than ever with new customizations to the layouts on staff pages.

A computer screen displays some of the new features on SiteSource 5

SiteSource 5 Benefits

All of these new features add up to huge benefits for your dealership. Managing your website gets easier, you have more ways to collect quality leads, and your website ranks higher in search results. It’s everything you’re searching for in a dealership website design solution.


Easier and more customizable website management

SiteSource 5 gives you unprecedented customization options in your dealership website design. You have the maximum amount of control over making changes to your website, and it’s quick and easy for any member of your staff to do. Tailor your content and inventory pages for maximum usability and conversion opportunities. Use the inventory tagging feature to up your marketing abilities with ease. Build high-converting custom landing pages on the fly to use in social media, email and pay-per-click campaigns. No website expertise or design fees required.

Text reads: "Custom Made SiteSource 5"

More quality leads

The many customization options in SiteSource 5 mean more ways to get quality leads than ever before. The ability to add pop-ups, buttons and slide-outs gives visitors more opportunities to get in touch with your sales or service team. Removing the header and footer on custom landing pages entices customers to take action on your calls to action when they arrive on your site. Custom forms mean your sales team gets the exact information they need to move the lead closer to a purchase without wasting time. And adding custom auto-reply notifications to lead forms creates a better customer experience, strengthening your follow-up process and increasing user trust in your dealership. All of these features make website visitors more likely to purchase.

Improved performance and visibility

Dealership website design only goes as far as its discoverability. SiteSource 5 includes all the performance updates the search engines reward in search results. Our platform is proven to be 70% faster than sites built on competitor platforms, and page load speed is a huge factor in determining search engine rankings. Speed past your competition in search results and watch your traffic soar. Never let slow page speed make a potential customer abandon your website again or hamper your discoverability. SiteSource 5 makes sure you get seen by shoppers searching for exactly what you have to offer.

SiteSource 5 for your dealership website design

If you’re looking to make your site faster, more discoverable, easier to manage, unique from the competition and better at driving traffic and leads, it’s time to switch to SiteSource 5 for your dealership website design. Schedule a demo with our team to see exactly how these features can transform your dealership website and its results!

Ready to see the SiteSource 5 difference?

Get a custom site that stands out from the competition, brings in more leads, and ranks higher in search results.

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