Every dealership wants past customers to return for their next purchase and stay loyal for service and parts. How do you ensure that happens? Aside from providing great customer service, one way to keep your company top of mind with past and potential customers is building an email list. It can be a very effective marketing strategy, but how do you hook people in to sign up for it? We have some email marketing tips you’ll need.


One of our best email marketing tips to grow your email list is to include an enticing and specific offer. We manage email marketing for a company in the outdoor recreation industry. We chose a really cool, $70 backpack from Amazon to giveaway each month. It’s relevant to that audience and resulted in a 25% growth of that list. Not bad for a $70 investment!

If a giveaway is not your jam, the offer can be tied to a purchase. This way, you’re only giving something away if there is a purchase made. One dealership client we work with decided to give away an accessory with every unit purchased. Their signups were 69% higher with the offer compared to a generic “sign up for our email list”. In their case, it was about a $200 item, but each unit purchase was in the several thousands of dollars. Pick what works for you!

A screenshot of an email signup page advertising a free backpack for signing up. This is one tip for effective email marketing

Clean up your list

Secondly, clean out those unengaged contacts! This part of our email marketing tips may seem counterproductive, but in reality, the quantity of the list doesn’t matter if people are not engaging with your content. Run a report periodically and unsubscribe users who don’t open your emails. Technically, your results will improve immediately because you’re getting rid of dead weight.

Bonus: Because most email marketing services have pricing tiers based on subscriber count, you’ll eliminate paying for contacts that are never going to result in a sale.

Want to grow your email list?

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