When buying an RV, consumers look for things such as make, model, floor plan and tow requirements. Now more than ever, consumers are shopping from the convenience and safety of their homes. Potential buyers are looking at the interior and exterior aesthetics shown in your RV pictures. People tend to “eat with their eyes” first. Having high quality RV pictures of all your units is extremely important when it comes to making the sale. Thankfully, achieving beautiful RV pictures is much easier to do now, thanks to new upgrades in cell phone cameras. With the advancements in technology, you can take amazing pictures of sale units with ease.


Taking RV Pictures With a Cell Phone Camera 

woman taking exterior RV pictures

In previous posts, we have recommended using a high-quality camera to take the best RV pictures for your sale listings. However, with the upgrades most cell phone manufacturers have made to phone cameras in recent years, we’re going to focus on the best way to take RV pictures with your phone! Taking pictures with a cell phone is convenient and can be done by anyone within your dealership that has working knowledge of a cell phone.

Preparing to Take RV Pictures

Accessories for a Cell Phone Camera

If you are not as versed in taking pictures with a cell phone camera, we’re here to help you through the process. There are also many useful accessories you can purchase to help take high quality RV pictures using your cell phone camera, such as a superfish lens, a small tripod, selfie stick (or a combination tripod/selfie stick) and microphone compatible with your cell phone, if you want to take videos for virtual tours.

Clean Up the RV and Surrounding Areas

No one wants to see pictures of a messy RV when browsing your online inventory while looking to purchase a unit. You want to showcase a pristine RV that potential buyers will fall in love with. Take a few minutes and clean up in and around the RV. Then you can snap away and capture perfect RV pictures.

Before taking the RV pictures for your advertisements, take a few minutes to clean up the RV both inside and outside, as well as clean up around the unit. Don’t leave boxes, papers or other items on the counters. Be sure to clean up trash in or around the unit. To make sure you’ve cleaned up all the areas in and around the RV, take a few test pictures.

inside RV picture of a Luxury Motorhome Kitchen and Bedroom walkway corridor

Staging Your RV With Buyers in Mind

Something that may not come to mind when thinking about taking RV pictures is staging. Just like in real estate sales, staging can be a huge benefit when it comes to selling an RV. This can help consumers see what the unit would look like when in use. Staging for RV pictures can help grab a buyer’s interest by showing them what it would look and “feel” like with their stuff in it.

camper van kitchen area staged for RV pictures

Staging doesn’t have to be too difficult either. Make sure beds are made with sheets and pillows. Maybe get some fresh flowers to set around… A nice rug, plates or decorative items set on the table, etc. These are a few minor things, but small additions can be very meaningful and make your RV pictures extra appealing to buyers. It helps them see the unit as a home or vacation spot that will feel like home should they decide to purchase. 

Photographing Your RV

Think About Lighting for Your RV Pictures

Lighting is everything when it comes to photography. Make sure you are taking pictures of the unit in natural light if possible and avoid using the flash. Naturally, bright RV pictures are more appealing to potential buyers. In addition, the colors of the RV will be less distorted if captured in natural light.

The time of day can help with your lighting as well. You will get the best lighting an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. Mid-day light can be very harsh, so set aside time to get exterior RV pictures done early in the day or about an hour before sunset. Once you’ve taken the desired pictures you can edit the tone of the images from your cell phone camera, but it is ideal to have the best lighting possible before beginning.

interior rv picture of a luxury motorhome with good lighting

For interior photos, open all window curtains and blinds to let in the most natural light possible. To be sure the interior colors of the unit are being captured accurately, take a few test RV pictures. If it is too bright, you can adjust the window treatments until the interior color looks accurate.

Best Point of View for RV Pictures

Amazing RV pictures allow potential buyers to get a real feel for the unit. You want them to feel what it would be like to be in it, and to do this you need to offer an array of images. Using the zoom feature of your cellphone camera may be tempting, but we don’t recommend it. It can distort the quality of the image, which could look even worse on a desktop than on your cell phone.

While buyers want to see photographs of the smaller details within the RV, a wide angled shot is ideal. This provides a good view of the floorplan and look of the entire unit. The best way to take a wide angle shot, without professional equipment, is by holding your cell phone horizontally. This allows your cell phone camera to capture more of the RV in frame.

exterior RV picture of a 2024 CrossRoads travel trailer

When taking your RV pictures, it is important to get shots from various angles to showcase the layout of a unit and allow your potential buyer to imagine themselves there. Be sure to take pictures of each room or area of the RV from more than one angle or direction. Additionally, taking pictures from a mid-point by holding the phone at belly button height will make the RV interior look more spacious. For exterior images, be sure to use the same guidelines so the RV or travel trailer looks proportionate to the other things surrounding the unit, such as other RV’s. 

Review Your Pictures on a Desktop Before Uploading or Posting Them Online

Having clean, professional looking RV pictures is one of the most important things you can do to help sell your units on your website, classified pages or through social media advertising. Be sure to always review the images you’ve taken with your cell phone camera on a larger screen, like a tablet or desktop. This will allow you to make sure the images are still clear while in a larger format. You can also be sure there is no trash, miscellaneous items, or other people in the frame. If you find a picture you do not like or one that is not flattering of the RV, you can always retake it!

Buyers want to see clear, crisp photos so they can see the RV as if they were taking a tour of the unit at your dealership. Thanks to technology, you can take great RV pictures using your cell phone camera, and the tips we’ve covered here!

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