Did you know website ADA compliance is extremely important for your business? If you’ve been connected with us for any length of time, you’ve probably heard about this more than once. We’re really passionate about making sure all of our clients understand the implications of not being compliant. That’s why we include this option on every website contract to make your site ADA compliant. It can be incredibly expensive to manually build and continually maintain a site to meet the WCAG 2.1 regulations. There are two very important reasons why you should automate this process.


Disabled people should have the same level of access to your website as anyone else. It’s as simple as that! Making your website more accessible to a wider audience means you aren’t leaving anyone out – which means more customers for you!

Avoid legal trouble

You need website ADA compliance to protect your own business against hefty legal costs should you be sued.

Our staff personally knows people who have been sued for a noncompliant website and settled in the five figures! Making your website ADA compliant it is much more affordable than legal fees and much cheaper than trying to do it on your site.

A pop up window that provides options for users with disabilities is what you need for website ADA compliance

How does automated website ADA compliance work?

This solution will not affect the default display of your website. It will automatically prompt open a screen reader for people who are blind or visually impaired. It also contains manual controls on the sidebar of your website. Once that is opened, people with color blindness, epilepsy, and cognitive disabilities can customize the website display to suit their needs.

Unlike strenuous, ongoing manual compliance efforts, our solution has AI technology that keeps your website compliant, re-scanning every 24 hours.

Are you ready to provide a better website experience to those with disabilities and protect your company against lawsuits? Contact us today to get a compliance audit at no cost. We’ll even set you up with a 7-day free trial to test it out!

Ready to make sure your website is accessible to all?

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