If you run a dealership of any kind, you NEED to be using Facebook’s Automotive Inventory Ads. When compared against generic paid ads on Facebook, AIA campaigns generated 4x more exposure. You could be missing out on tons of leads and exposure for your business if you’re skipping out on these ads. They require some finesse to set them up, but if you want to take advantage of all their benefits, here’s how to do it.

Why Automotive Inventory Ads?

If you aren’t familiar with Automotive Inventory Ads, here’s a brief intro to them. With these ad types, you build a catalog that automatically imports your entire inventory in real time. Then, Facebook’s algorithm will display units to Facebook users that they’re most likely to interact with based off of their interests and prior history. They might be called “Automotive” Inventory Ads, but they work for RV dealerships, trailer dealerships, marine dealerships, powersports dealerships and even power equipment dealerships. It’s the smartest way to advertise your inventory!

Be diligent about setup

Make sure the ads account, the tracking pixel, and the audiences are all thoughtfully created and set up. Doing this correctly creates a firm foundation for a successful campaign. The more carefully you complete this step, the more effective your ads will be. The ads will be able to learn more quickly and effectively for a successful Automotive Inventory Campaign.

Expect ramp up time

Expect your ads to take some time to ramp up, especially if your ads account is not already established and trusted. Facebook wants to make sure that you’re going to prove out your account before they let you go out at it full throttle. This also holds true if your account has been flagged for not following all of their policies in the past. You’ll have to reestablish that trust.

A close up of the front of several RVs for sale at a dealership. Using Automotive Inventory Ads is a great way to display these units on Facebook

Check in regularly

Make a point to check in on the ads regularly to ensure everything looks like it’s running well, that you’re getting those leads in. Every month, look at the reporting in detail. What does it tell you? Does it tell you that you need to make a change? For example, maybe your audience needs to be expanded or tightened up a little bit.

Follow up with leads

It’s always surprising the lengths that dealerships will go to and the expense they invest to advertise, and then they don’t follow up with leads! Make sure you are staying on top of the inquiries that come in. Appoint sales team members to check Facebook Messenger; that’s where the On-Facebook leads come in. We recommend checking that at minimum daily but if possible, frequently throughout the day during business hours.

Hire a marketing company with Facebook experience

If all of this sounds like too much effort for the resources you have available, hire a marketing company with Facebook experience. Facebook is always changing, and they have a certified program called Meta Blueprint. Our team is blueprint certified, so make sure you’re choosing a company who knows what they’re doing and who follows the rules so your campaigns on Facebook are successful.

Ready to take your Facebook Ads to the next level?

Trying to set up Automotive Inventory Ads on your own can be tedious and time consuming. If you aren’t familiar with the inner workings of Facebook Ads Manager, it may feel quite overwhelming. Save your time for what you do best at your dealership, and leave the ads management to us. A professionally run campaign is always more successful than a DIY one! Reach out today and we’ll get your Automotive Inventory Ads optimized for the best possible performance!

Don't stress over AIA setup - let us handle it for you!

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